Monday, January 23, 2006

Petrus Andersen

faulty grooves

animations of russian hair
obscured with the latest technology
expose the rope. why with the tire
and the petrol? did you get nothing from the lecture?

with that coin you can't get in.

born into structures

worm made with sugar. the conversations of inner flowers
transcribed. put to the side

report the ice age. Not so abruptly
the diagnosed children play in the water

(withholding stories his stories)

consolidation of incapacities. Their drawings
are filed. Used as evidence
the innocence of the parents.

make-believe cigarettes from ballots.

get up early
and drink their coffee.

(translated by Lars Palm)

Petrus Andersen lives in Örebro, Sweden, with, among others, an infant son, a wife & two cats. He plans to become a doctor, either of medicine or literature.