Monday, April 10, 2006

rob mclennan

Lise Downe's metalwork

a stretch of wire        predestined
into twelve unbroken parts               a hole
in limitless release              a broken
stool not waned

or waxed        the bleed of increase
a damp cloth excised               a solitary wash
jeweled roses, pure       the screen
the slightest sound                            explains

a bargain sense        the burning soil
burnished, cleft hook & a hole
in white        the threaded forum
hush of calm, inhales

dust & shavings, heat marks
invisible to the touch                            a stone
& then another stone                        two birds
a harness in her gold mosaics
& thrill

of boat        unnoticed in the calm
someone understands                            trees

Artie Gold’s allergies

allergic to everything, scent
of dander in, from pets
to printed matter
                            , oxygen
& solitude, fifteen years
his only study

his bodys boundaries, air
& living threshold

perhaps a line, perhaps
a poem, sometimes

a postcard through the mail

some drafts
are never final

like spicer, has no problem w/
the open end

Robin Hannah's grandfather

though days have blurred to nights,
on his christmas card knee
when he was still prime minister

& she was five years old

his stories of the lord elgin hotel in ottawa
& the socialite elizabeth smart

when she was still eighteen

before anything; her new york nights,
toronto days, a chain

that bound her

days turn into night, turn in
to other nights, carrying every night
a cigarette, a shabby mast

absorbing light

robins dictionary of cats & solitude,
& poems safe in jars

when the peace of something finally done,
old mike, sleeps wakefield breath

as days turn into other days,
she visits, ear held keeping
to his sleepy ground

a sink between them

rob mclennan lives in Ottawa, even though he was born there. The author of twelve trade collections of poetry, most recently name , an errant (Stride, 2006) & aubade (Broken Jaw Press, 2006), he is currently working on a number of projects including a non-fiction book for Arsenal Pulp Press, Ottawa: The Unknown City (2007); a poetry collection, The Ottawa City Project; & finishing a novel, Missing Persons. He often writes, reviews & rants on his clever blog –