Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Aaron Belz



I found your monster
painfully disjointed
and hard to
get through

but anyway how are
things in Cambridge
I take it
telephone wires
still block
your view of the park

I saw
your girlfriend's paintings
take wing last
Monica Lewinsky Day
it unnerved me
to picture

such visually rhapsodic


y dos

or rather should I say
it unnerved all of us
to be pictured
in such a way

I would enjoy your
Sky Festival report
much more I think
if it revealed a bit
of your girlfriend's

and not just
your outdated boots
mi gaucho


Ideally one photographs oneself
wearing red clown shoes
holding some sort of trophy
(perhaps a large fish),

but sometimes one has to settle
for photographing one's friend
holding yesterday's newspaper
and looking disappointed.

Aaron Belz lives in St. Louis where he is a college teacher, freelance writer, publisher of tiny books and curator of middle-sized readings. His poems have appeared here and there in printed journals and web zines of varying names and target demographics, but never in Ploughshares, Threepenny Review, or Atlantic Monthly.