Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Alexander Dickow

So it was you did it
whose hairs was
raising Abigail
of fearsome
ghost stories
in the darkness

It was you whose
hairs was busy raising
on tousled Abigail,
who you were
gotten all knotty
into the trouble with,

You who was held
real tight Abigail
and titillate her
vigorous ribbons
with hopscotch!

Shame on you.

Alexander Dickow hails from Idaho. He is currently working towards his PhD in French at Rutgers University. He writes in both French and English. His work has appeared in Can We Have Our Ball Back? and in the French journals Sitaudis, La Republique Mondiale des Lettres, and Il Particolare. He also has work forthcoming in the French journal Hapax.