Sunday, March 25, 2007

Deborah Poe

Cobalt-Blue Chuchoteur

My cobalt blue chuchoteur.
This is how.
Or how I see you
from the inside out.

Two discussions.

One, rained asphalt waking
that between my dreams and your reason.
And the staggering rain which stammers.

Cerulean hands bold at the neck.
Braver still at the back.

Fingers the blue jean small.

The architecture of air is invisible fragments
silicon or binary circuits untangling
their way through the broken.

You could be a blue room.
You could spread out, place your things.
I could place things ringing inside you.

Linger is an ease through whispers.
Wooden floors. Indigo floorboards.
Cobalt blue cream.

My blue chuchoteur.

This is how I loved you

from the let go inside out.

nick of the woods


you are, as always, something
to read

you are burning arrow in the rain

you are an ambush
from the injun's perspective

peaceful obligation
never stops ticking


an adverb creeping
in detestable woods

you could tell the truth
you could tell

                            you are

the advancing Shawnee

the novel one

yet entirely alone


tell grandfather's cherokee grandmother.
or his wife's choctaw great grandma.

tell yourself there are friends
religiously similar and wide


but let's get strung up
in the laws of settlements

it will make us feel better

it will be like the half comma
the poet sighs is line break


oh authority neither horse
nor cow nor dog

you will not break
nor will I

the uproar and collision
produced by every gust.

Deborah Poe
's work was nominated for Pushcart Prizes this year and last. Her writing has appeared recently in Drunken Boat as a finalist for the Panliterary Awards, Anemone Sidecar, and the anthology Fingernails Across the Chalkboard: Poetry and Prose on HIV/AIDS From the Black Diaspora. Her manuscript Our Parenthetical Ontology is slated for publication in November 08 with CustomWords. Her chapbook and zine, ,,clitoris,, ,,vulva,, ,,penis,, and (W(e)a(St) Solo, were published in 2004 by furniture press.