Friday, August 17, 2007

Lars Palm


over the mountains
on rocky roads
not to dublin nor
over the top in
any symbolical sense
on a bicycle
stolen from
raven who had
bought it from
a siamese twin
cat who built
it in a boat
shed in some
central european
wasteland where
a fish might have
found it useful


i think you
better stop. now
look down the
other side. then
slide a few yards
to find firm footing
for your slippery
sandals. the scandals
are not yet written
or even invented
though the light
bulb needs some
serious re
thinking. shrinking
or drinking or
even blinking the
shrink winks &

The author of three currently available chapbooks, Lars Palm lives in Lund, in the south end of Sweden & edits the blogzine skicka .