Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Julia Cohen

The Chorus

The smoky battle blew in through the curtains we put our haddock down
and listen to the antagonistic with musket and parched boots snorting

Elements packed densely no time for ivy replay
Still we hear the sod protesters in starchy wares

Outside the laughter is a deduction and terminally compressed coinage

The slip-shod accuser bravado moves to tantalize the good-for-nothings to be
well-behaved with beauty parlor hypnotism

Where is the chorus of wisdom where are the stories our little ones must hear before
the flyswatter before the admiring thresher before the gummy statesman
before this conquest

No investment is simplistic the toothbrush the books the bicycle the leaflets

Afraid of the marble majority afraid of their sweetness attraction to rail activity
afraid of what my fear will do to us

Julia Cohen has a chapbook out with horse less press (If Fire, Arrival) and one forthcoming with H_NGM_N B__KS (Ruby in the Microphone). Her poems appear or are coming out in Octopus #7, typo, Denver Quarterly, Spinning Jenny, and Copper Nickel. Find her at