Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Mike Young

Mindy the Famous Divebomber Visits the Thrift Store We All Care For

Mindy the famous divebomber
took her blazer to very sincere
dry cleaners. Then things began to
snow, of course, which made her
stalwart. She went to the thrift
store to buy a hooded blazer.
Shut up. I know they don't. It's
a poem. Mindy, the divebomber,
cavorts, digs among the Slim Jim
30th Anniversary t-shirts and
pleated trousers, wigs and old men
thumbing the gunslinger pulp.
Did you know Egyptians invented
paper? I am a public education system.
Did you know we are run mostly by
hospitals? Mindy digs past Mother of
Ketchup and Macaroni Salad who
dances a little in a swell dress.
See? We are fine, after all.
Her child is not quite convinced.
Where are all the lights? Why are you
apologizing? I want a hooded blazer.
Mindy, the famous divebomber, situation
mingle, high alert. Where is your chute
of rockabilly gumption? A soldier never
lies, famous Mindy. Who do you get to
die on? Yes, in an ill-fitted blazer. But
it's only fifty cents. The transaction
is witnessed by a tour group.
They are up in arms, giggles.
They are here to define us.

Don't Wake Up It's Just Me

If I know exactly what you mean,
will we both fit on the motorcycle?
If I say streetlight, will you say
half-in, half-out? If I say pumpkin stew
will you say ghost flesh? Writ large and
quivering on a blimp, beep beep, the
antithesis of confession. I want to
advertise. I want you to come in and
sip, sit, scorn with me. Do stillwater
strokes and will the knuckles to pop.
Wait, I know exactly what you mean.
Let's try out tender vessels: they're
on sale. Join to the point of collapse
into. Accordion honk flesh. Oh. Oh.
If I say streetlight, you say back in.
And if I say dumpster diving, you say
chocolate factory. If I know exactly
when to wake up, you know how to stay
nervous, somewhere else, breathing, mum-
bling. Is this a trick? What game do you win
with trust? The word okay is like skydiving.
If I say swingset, will you make it rain?

Mike Young co-edits NOÖ Journal, a literary/political magazine. His poetry, fiction and criticism have appeared in MiPOesias, elimae, CutBank, BlazeVOX, Juked, 3AM Magazine and many others. He likes to take three trains at a time and plenty of citrus drugs.