Monday, October 13, 2008

Jane Rice

In Charcoal

Catch passing face of a man, three views
of tower, a few table things. Brooding blue
moonlights floor. Seated silhouette.
No one cares about the lamp. Trees rattle
brown shadows. My face part quarrel,
part kiss. Tricked into thinking
little boat could be.

Rue Okbaa Ibn Nafaa

Short moon, cusp whose reason deceives.
No inducement to be honest. Watch me
catch strangers who lean. Into sleep.
You. I'm not your friend. Bribe me.
I'll give you little mirror,
slip it from its hook.
Drums, clarions, wrestlers
swim blue mosaic. White for the sea.
Homeward two sails, one tier of oars.
Thoughts stern on the faces of sailors.
Along the border, chiseled acacias
divide into ships.


Meatballs, pickles fries. Don't trust fish.
Don't eat in restaurants. Here, sweep roofs.
Streets run all night, end extra large, any
hour. Squirrel, hubcap, runoff, condom,
needle, sock. Typical hat loses glove on bus.
Quick, before chaotic jells. Voice crams
down neck of the phone. If it crashes, think
how many people will be killed. Hey, free
movie here. Isn't nature great? Of course,
It is. Surprise. Surprise.

In all my poems I seek to create a tension between coincidence and the expectation of sequence. The mind yearns to find meaning in the connections of things. Yet we ascribe meaning only to a fraction of the coincidences that surround us. My poems have appeared in various journals including Barrow Street and Diner. Other poems have been posted on various Web sites. A letterpress edition of Portrait Sitters was published by Propolis Press, 2007. Line Drawings was a finalist in the Center for Book Arts chapbook competition, New York, 2007. Crayfish Tale, a book-length manuscript, was a finalist in the Colorado Prize for Poetry, 2005. I pursue my interest in poetry, art, and art history.

Jane Rice