Monday, February 16, 2009

Amish Trivedi

'Rowboat Over the Atlantic'

I have become 
my own airbags, admitting 
I'm more willing to break 
than be broken.  These words are 
not mine 
anymore, but they are a revenge
lay.  And I used to sit
outside, slumped over feeling
boxed or stigmata over the
soil.  Steps line a side, which is
a jar.  Rain and saliva become
the next tabloids.

'Love Poem Mad-Lib'

I'm awake.  I'm 
           awake and there are 
snakes.  Snakes 
                      and a 
sleepwalker.  I'm 
not the only person 
           who's gained weight 

since high school.  The 
whooping      was 
           a signal to the 
birds:  soon 

they'll all hear 
us.  And then 
they'll know:  we'll

be leading class riots
in the high museums.

Amish Trivedi waits in snowy Iowa City patiently for word from graduate programs. Absent Magazine #3 contains the e-chapbook, The Breakers. Selections from 'Episode III in Which Mr. Wyndham's Cat Kills the Milkman' is forth-coming as an e-chap from Beard of Bees. The Trivedi Chronicles are a source of wonder and delight.