Sunday, November 22, 2009

Matthew Henriksen


Only expectation makes sorry dwellings
However necessary destruction

I never tossed a brick out my third story window
I don’t want a stranger to expect

An apology from an open window
As I am unmanaged in this city

What needs naming needs mostly to remain unnamed
And stare blankly at a stranger staring blankly back

On ugly afternoons I fracture the light
That makes up this street and its bleak gloss

In the city’s empty frame I find the story of broken bottles
Unbroken and unnamed faces

In pieces of glass and in their eyes
Clouds pass

The city otherwise empty
An empty frame exactly what

Convinced me it is here
Before I am here

Before the river with filthy imaginings
Brought the city here with its belongings

Matthew Henriksen
publishes Cannibal Books with his wife Katy and co-edits Typo with Adam Clay. Recent poems appear online at Raleigh Quarterly, The Cultural Society and Front Porch. His chapbook Another Word is imminently forthcoming from DoubleCross Press Single Sheet Series.