Sunday, December 13, 2009

Alli Warren


The wild west rings out choppers

Greeks the underside

Gasters are bulbous

Things coming in the night

Heavily and oiled and reeking out

In the trench with it

Gurgling and then bulleted

The outside and gurgling

That’s why they call it rogue

Confessing in dirt-face

Under pylon

Knocking haters on their asses

They come arresting all over town

Please approach the bench

How did this dove deflate?

There’s never enough milk

In the hay in love of verbs

I went not once but twice through

Code in hand

Waxing real hard

My tail-end grows out of whack

The nuts inside us are unreasonable

Pussywillows whip in the wind

Animal problems in the accounting

The area around the fault line

Bands around the infield

Blows cork

I need a new mole-skin

This one’s all sticky and full

Of pricking the in and out

Of the woodwork

In the saddle

I want that stuff that gives

My tooth aches activate that asset

Weevil release

Alli Warren
works in psychoacoustics on the Left Coast. Recent chapbooks include No Can Do, Bruised Dick (a collaboration with Michael Nicoloff), and Well-Meaning White Girl. She works in Berkeley, lives in Oakland, and co-curates The (New) Reading Series at 21 Grand.