Sunday, April 04, 2010

David Brazil

IN your treatment room

    a 'run-on' line

    is a huge liability

    as they wonder

      qua aletheia

  what does she do when she enters?

      (as I myself did for a long time

   both of these assume a common language

      cited in the opening

        as we know from the fragment of a system


but now the ship-wrecked mariner

    might lead philosophy

  full of objects

and coming to terms with a loss

    through the early phases

  as the quoting source informs us

      concepts of pistis

from the only sphere

    (in the space of the other)

      in her exile

picking out the rhythm

David Brazil was born in New York and lives in California. With Sara Larsen he coedits TRY!, a xerox periodical. A chapbook of his daily writing, "Spy Wednesday," is forthcoming from TAXT Press.