Monday, April 19, 2010

Amy McDaniel


Please tell me your best
facts about animals.  I’m asking
everyone.  I’ll begin.

The Tasmanian devils are being wiped
out by a frightful epidemic—like the
bees but worse.  The epidemic
is actually called Devil Facial
Tumour Disease.  It is communicable 
within the species via bites 
or especially vehement sex.

To sex a sea urchin, you tap it until
it emits a thin puddle of egg or sperm.
What if this worked on other things!
Imagine wondering what a thing is.
For the price of a few pats on the back,
the thing releases onto your
palm a frank sample, a tiny
pool of its own essence, meaning,
and being. 

Maybe in another lifetime.  Most
things are coy in our world. 
They are couth. 

Amy McDaniel writes for and helps run the Solar Anus reading series in Atlanta. Her work has appeared or is forthcoming in matchbook, Alimentum, Tin House, Porchlight and The AgricultureReader. She co-edited From the Second Line, a collection of her students’ personal essays about Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath. Her chapbook, Selected Adult Lessons, is available from Agnes Fox Press.