Sunday, July 25, 2010

Julia Anjard Maher


Here wires dangle
their limp primary
blues and reds

a kindergarten
of upturned bulbs.

At their broken ends,
individuals sprouted

and my eyes closed––
afraid to put one out.

I squeezed along the left––
weeds of vomiting machinery
cardinal direction surged

live snakes entwined my thigh––
and made for the
counter likewise covered.

Hamstrung out
I held that long eye
feckless against the dark
as I turned

you too had squeezed––
not quite the shape––

and looking up
in your eyes
only my face.


I had to bake him in
a pie

24 –– no –– 13
ways to flight

he flew out flittermouse-like

shadows on Courthouse Midnight’s steps.

A Ph.D. student at the University of Georgia, Julia Anjard Maher lives in balmy Athens, Georgia where she is working on her first book-length collection: Four Streams : 四 川. These pieces are part of her newest project––a Spicerian serial poem that takes Greek mythology for one of its braided subjects.