Monday, November 22, 2010

Ida Stewart

Glossary: Mn- Words

neither from eliminate
(to expel or divulge across a threshold—a door or mouth— — —)

nor from limb
(from lith and limbo; among other component parts, the spur of the mo-
untain range and a disadvantage; the edge
of the disk of a heavenly body and hell)


Is this monolithic or what (that -lith—or sometimes -lite—for stone)?
Where were we? Hello:


a device that need not work to work.


The spelling teacher blew smoke, true story, “This is one of those tricky words
in which the n works like an l.”

afar and away rock- and hole-
scape, not man and not

main mean mine moan moon

what you promised.

I see moon, I said,
my first sentence.

Tipping point blank of no return:

Choose your own adventure, little boy lost
in the woods, little boy blonde

in the hay, little boy blew
it on the spelling test.

So we enchanted—
Em oh, You in, Tee ay, Eye in

We cast the spell
afar and away.


— –
Forest felled for autumn.
History fell for amnesia.

We felt between, thresheld, imminent.

Ida Stewart’s poems and short fiction have been published recently in The Laurel Review, Unsplendid, Staccato, MAYDAY Magazine, and Linebreak. A West Virginia native, she holds an MFA in creative writing from The Ohio State University and is currently pursuing a PhD in literature and creative writing at The University of Georgia.