Sunday, May 29, 2011

Nathan Hauke


Ribbon of water
in the morning
Shines like razor
walking the dog
With a mouthful of blackberries
rain leaves mirror everywhere
Trying not to step in it
Our life is a forgetting (friend’s voice)
Where one place begins to fall into another
Where the bank of this shore erodes into current

Nathan Hauke's chapbook In the Living Room was recently released by Lame House Press (2010).  His poetry has been published in American Letters & Commentary, BlazeVox, Colorado Review, Denver Quarterly, Electronic Poetry Review, Eleven Eleven, Greatcoat, Horse Less Review, Interim, New American Writing, Parthenon West, Peaches & Bats, Twenty Six, and We Are So Happy To Know Something among others.  He is currently co-editor at Ark Press and an editor for Slash Pine Press.