Sunday, September 18, 2011

John Stovall


| couldn't get the tape
off the bottom the door

wedged shut from the inside, even

that | couldn't shake loose in the back the drawer

caught on itself wouldn't open

everything was in there  my shoes, my keys, my word, my

dark secrets | was ready to free,

light, burdens, potency, exceptions, fucking

hammer, my out, my there, my analogue,


analogue's analogue, the reception, and the receiving, the deceiving

was in here how many corners were there

on all the surfaces forced to stay still

| moved, finding a familiar place in this

world of closets and rooms.

John Stovall has a B.A. in English from the University of Georgia. He curated the Dog Ear Poetry Series, was the Editorial Assistant at Verse, and is currently working on a series of "poems of addiction." John currently resides in Athens, GA and is the Assistant Editor at the Public School Risk Institute.