Sunday, November 13, 2011

MC Hyland


your skin
in the flame falling
the lightest snow
in rhythm

are we in a new
kind of beach
clouds refracted &
static as though

my eyes only watch
the boat devoid
the gate placed by
sur la côte d’azur

& the slow drift
from the hillside
how the names
beach this water

forehead crease
waves gently upon
the light in the
woman & boy

& now leaves
winking & reflective
within a jar
the man crushed

a black cloak the
madonna these walls
& an arrow
in the din & dim fog

MC Hyland is the author of Neveragainland (Lowbrow Press) and the chapbooks Every Night In Magic City (H_NGM_N), Residential, As In (Blue Hour Press) and (with Kate Lorenz and Friedrich Kerksieck) the hesitancies (Small Fires Press). She lives in Minneapolis, where she runs DoubleCross Press and the Pocket Lab ReadingSeries, and works at Minnesota Center for Book Arts.