Sunday, December 11, 2011

MRB Chelko [Part Two]

from  M O T H E R   M A Y  I


something like a mystery to solve, not that

a floppy straw hat

to organize the light, it falls all over me like this isn't New York

you wouldn't understand, how darkly my sunglasses sit

on the ground arms folded

this concrete is sand

no parking sign a love letter

right? scrawled

in lipstick in blood

let's romanticize everything

glare like you want me

MRB Chelko is Assistant Editor of the unbound journal, Tuesday; An Art Project. She has poems in current or forthcoming issues of Indiana Review, POOL, Washington Square, Forklift, Ohio and Verse Daily among many others. Her second chapbook, The World after Czeslaw Milosz, is forthcoming from Dream Horse Press.