Sunday, December 18, 2011

Christopher Kondrich


That beautiful melody? It is already within us
Tim was sorting through his compositions

                       we need to find a way to bring it closer
                       to brush our end against its end, but we must remain

and regardless if I am satisfied with it
I have to abide by the metronome

                       I want to study piano because in doing so I will destroy
                       my discreteness. One is always concerned with one’s discreteness

this tiresome harangue of mine, would you believe me
just as I was reaching the terminus or whatever point

                       in the mind that receives it. Listen to this, Tim said
                       playing nothing. Do you hear what I hear

I would have to do it myself
with my own hands, Tim continued,

                       sometimes I am struck, my chair a closer
                       companion than anyone I know.

Christopher Kondrich is the author of Contrapuntal, forthcoming in the Free Verse Editions poetry series. He is currently a PhD candidate at the University of Denver.