Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sophia Dahlin


I am Sophia Nonesuch Paragon.
So it befell.
I go to sleep with bare arms on—
Am unbeleagured by the sun
(My windows sleep with curtains on)
I don’t expect a gun
Nor does the gun expect a Nonpareil.

No neighbour knows my fridge.
None ken my morning smell.
I take my tea with oxygen.

I take my bear with tarragon.
Nor fear the orphanage.
Born from a hexagon—
Doomed like a hermit to her shell—
I undilute the woods of hermitage.
I am Sophia Nonesuch Paragon;
of What, I Cannot Tell.

Sophia Dahlin is a poet who lives in Oakland. She has a chapbook, Come On, and a website, You can find her work in Vanitas this spring and Eleven Eleven this summer.