Sunday, August 19, 2012

Thibault Raoult [Part Two]

One More Time—We're Gonna Patch Pipeline!

       What did you expect, letting clouds baby-talk your iris?
Only get one parade a moment.

       In good with rain, your opus (full-time hum, buttering up Marsyas):
Smooth as twenty-four centuries.

       I hear the chant, become parish we pay to char.
When I mention wormhole our word grew up without:

       Circle pine and circle pine you will be lawful unto.
What they don't tell you: edges paint themselves and:

       Edges care which belt you tighten mountain with.
Caucus: only as fragrant as theatre / solution

       They drop the bullets in.

Thibault Raoult's writing has appeared in Caketrain, VOLT, Gulf Coast, and Web Conjunctions; new pieces are forthcoming in Boston Review and Denver Quarterly. He received his MFA in Literary Arts from Brown University and currently studies in the English and Creative Writing PhD Program at University of Georgia.