Sunday, February 10, 2013

Marni Ludwig & Kristine Morfogen [Part Two]


Find the circumference in inches      of the hole in the upper middle of feeling
full        a level one       head injury and not the sunlight

as we had thought       or stay sleeping in the sky      in the family
position           still and equal               to the lack        how to get honesty

to make room             for tact               what we least demand of ourselves
the day going quickly            at the speed of sympathy        pediatric

needles to inject the hands                 blue evening breaking open
jailer,    I can't be the only one                         in the room who has been

Marni Ludwig is the author of Pinwheel, selected by Jean Valentine for the 2013 New Issues Poetry Prize and Little Box of Cotton and Lightning, chosen by Susan Howe for a 2012 Poetry Society of America Chapbook fellowship.  She lives in Athens, GA, and in Brooklyn, NY.

Kristine Morfogen
is a native New Yorker. Although she got her MFA at Pratt Institute, she is a newcomer to photography. She currently lives in Brooklyn with her family. Contact her at