Sunday, April 07, 2013

Annie Won

a man is playing the moonlight sonata on the piano

there isn't really moonlight. the man has a grey 
crayon and has drawn it all over the canvas
everything muddy. you can't really see anything because
it's dark. moonlight is pretty dim. 
several years pass. the man continues until the entire canvas is 
uniform grey. then he begins to cry. it is so sad,
he says. the brine beads off the cloth. 
he has used an entire box of kleenex.
his crayon is a stub glued to the bottom of his hand.
this is my greatest masterpiece, he says.

Annie Won is a poet chemist aspiringyogi who lives in Cambridge, MA. She is a Kundiman Fellow and a Juniper Summer Writing Institute scholarship recipient, and has previously published in Shampoo Magazine