Sunday, May 19, 2013

Gregg Murray


Try as I may, try as I might,
halve this wish, bend oblique,
in tact, alight. Perched, the

murders of lampblack bust
in the foreground. Shadows
snip the narrows behind me,

valleys gallow below
in pernicious expanse. Eyes
blank, without atom, flanked

by turgid memory. In profile
I am more massive, marble
blue, vague ode to a windless

plain, to the banality
of contemplation, due
diligence, to you, my cryptic


Gregg Murray is an assistant professor of English at Georgia Perimeter College. His most recent poems can be read in Horse Less Review, [PANK], Ayris, and Word For/ Word. Please visit his website for more information, including links to other published poems, essays, reviews, and scholarship.