Thursday, August 29, 2013

Carlos Lara

                        A THING TO PART FROM, HIS DAYS END

From star. That is to say that others are unicorn, relative
                                                      being naturalized
as people. Is to say anthology. I disresemble.
                                        conceal. I bow before the organism
that was done to Earth.

                                        And I am my own nemesis.

                                        Some luckless nectar drips and precipitates
                                        symptoms of a generation that forbid
                                        disappointment. And they


        reflect on your own lives or
        could there be a proper thought
        we (?) thought or acted
       going to goodness without telepathy
      captivated by our own acquisitions,
     accuracy. Should I have
    wasted the repertoire?
   about the girl who
  has gone rogue. A sample
 apocalypse portrait
arsonists like how
they all lose their hue

Carlos Richard Lara's writing has appeared in Lana Turner, Caketrain, Paul Revere's Horse, BlazeVox, Aufgabe, Dusie, and elsewhere. Other pieces forthcoming in other places. He received an MFA in Literary Arts from Brown University and works for the Department of Defense. He is presently gathering resources for the creation of Anonymous Energy. Reach him at closlara09(at)gmail(dot)com.