Friday, September 20, 2013

C. Violet Eaton

little flower

preoccupied with finance & theater
else with ordinary vessels
a cup or can or shoe

in a field of rye where the question
which is most beautiful
is obsolete

in its own myth
cured in the malevolent fact of thinking
crushed into a whole

in the very eye of night

the owl in the wood
or the word
in the wood

the work
of the world
& the work
of the word

the owl in the world
or the woman
in the owl


C. Violet Eaton is the editor of Bestoned, a hand-sewn journal of new metaphysical verse. As Dowser, he occasionally dispatches small editions of 'hill drone' recordings from secret locations throughout Arkansas, where he also sells rare books. Recent work is available or forthcoming from Yalobusha Review, Aufgabe, Cannibal, and Colorado Review.