Saturday, September 28, 2013

Kevin Holden

dihedral mum

wander calyx
under a sunstorm
moving out
against the wind

we would let that go
so to say a darker ruby heady dream
in bed doing it
la a reboxy latter day antiphony
seek to play that piano into mesh

sage blown in a field
meager allotrope of it
carbon in many wing├Ęd poly
flotsam cumming in sweeter radii
lighter and darker, now a now
flung up in the rafters dancing

see to it she
walk for the tower farther
in a heather waste
buried under a mound so
splay a flower out in rays
that puffball seeds updown
triple spiral staircase
seeded rear, to then let
helium flower
we a former ghost


transform that space
well, you’re okay how
much money did
you get purple sage
field he’d say it
was real well I
don’t remember that fold
a flock of geese in
triangles I’ll give you
20 that would be
what the birds start with

Kevin Holden is the author of Alpine (White Queen Press) and Identity (Cannibal Books). His work has appeared in journals including 1913Conjunctions, Aufgabe, jubilatColorado Review, Typo, and Little Red Leaves, and was included in the recent anthology The Arcadia Project (Ahsahta Press). He is a graduate student at Yale University and also teaches at Bard College.