Wednesday, January 07, 2015

Michael Martin Shea

from Hermeneutics

caught        the narrative thread                                            slicing potatoes
                             [these are the meals I would make you]
              He says go away to his phone!
                                                            each kitchen a form of the eternal kitchen
Madison is a place where
              [composing by the sink]                              let me encode you
in some of my symbols                                                            CHRIST IS REAL BRO
                             hogging the requisite pain pills
and pumping in bedroom music                             excitement is the thing itself
                                          no more brides in the schoolyard
                             [and my heart it goes all the way down]

Michael Martin Shea lives in Las Vegas, Nevada. A 2014 Fulbright Fellow to Argentina, his poems have appeared or are forthcoming in Colorado Review, Indiana Review, Jubilat, Pleiades, Tender-Loin, and elsewhere.