Monday, March 09, 2015

Alexandra Mattraw


/ we washed ourselves and every blanket / I found the dark / visit / prancing the side of your ear / consequence of a road / swollen with pavers / a desert thirstier / in winter eyes / drier from generated / heat fears when you fell / your grandmother didn’t / rush for ice / but at me at stones / steadied by / stones your smile didn’t end / blame / or our old pyramids rebuilding / all the glass tables / in her house / we return / so the side of your head / rearranged us / and our cat’s body / as even the most docile / human animal wishes / to own / freedom / in your infancy I / read all pets are an effect / to count on disowning / we're all / temporary / a constellation / mind

Alexandra Mattraw's chapbooks are available at Dancing Girl Press, Beard of Bees, and Achiote Press. Her poems and reviews have also been featured in journals including VOLT, Denver Quarterly, Coldfront, The Volta, and 1913 Journal of Forms. A former Vermont Studio Center resident, Alexandra curates a reading and performance series called Lone Glen in Oakland.